Mission Complete

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So I went shopping this past weekend for the first time by myself in over 2 years. I felt sooooo freeeee! For 3 glorious hours I was alone. I didn’t have to worry about breastfeeding my 3-month-old in public or changing a poopy diaper. I didn’t have to stop what I was doing to take my 2-year-old to the restroom or worry about an impending temper tantrum. It was pretty awesome. We don’t have any family or close friends nearby to watch our children, so this was definitely a much needed, long awaited break. I kind of just wanted to head to the nearest hotel for a long uninterrupted nap, but I was on a mission; a mission to find an outfit to wear to my husband’s 20-year high school reunion.


Before this past weekend I hadn’t been shopping for clothes for myself in close to 2 years. I used to work from home before the arrival of my 3-month-old and would normally just wear inexpensive, worn out jeans with holes in the knees and tank tops (or pajamas) that I ordered online. Basically, I didn’t really have a style or even know what was in style. So when I walked into Kohl’s and saw a rack of denim overall skirts on display in the juniors section, I wished I had saved my clothes from high school. The 90s are back! Ugh! Really?! I was a little worried at this point about not being able to find something I liked. I grabbed at least 30 different shirts, skirts, and skinny jeans in various sizes and headed to the dressing room.


Okay…the moment of truth. What size is this 3-month postpartum body of mine?


Smaller than I thought! The full length mirrors and I got along just fine! I ended up hanging onto several shirts, 3 pairs of skinny jeans, and a skirt as I waltzed across the isle to see what the women’s section had to offer. A bright red and yellow clearance tag caught my eye. It was attached to a long grey maxi dress that had the potential of being the outfit for the reunion. It was the last of its kind and an XS, but it was 60% off, so I grabbed it, not really having high hopes of it looking good on me or even fitting, along with a couple of good ole’ J-Lo shimmery tops. I tried on the dress…and loved it! Mission complete. I purchased the J-Lo tops as well. The dress was on clearance for $20, but then I also got an extra 30% off for using my Kohl’s card and had a $10 birthday coupon, so the dress ended up costing me $4! Now that’s my kind of shopping! I told you I’m cheap.


By the way, that is not me in the picture, but it is the dress I purchased for $4.  My children do not allow me the time to take selfies…or even pee by myself.


Love the dress?  Find it here!


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